Wedding Events

Wedding Events in San Antonio, TX

At Blanca’s Cakes, we offer a variety of products for your wedding events. The wedding cake is generally served at wedding receptions. These cakes come in a variety of different sizes depending on the number of guests coming to your wedding events. Wedding cakes can be filled with special flavors between layers, a frosting of your choice and the cake of your choice. These are completely customizable depending on your styles and preferences.

We can also help you with a groom’s cake. The tradition of the groom’s cake dates back to the Victorian era. During this time period, there were three cakes served to the guests; the wedding cake, the groom’s cake, and the bride’s cake. The wedding cake was serves to all of the guests, whereas the groom’s cake was served to the groomsmen and the bride’s cake was served to the bridesmaids.

Today, the groom’s cake is decorated to reflect the groom’s hobbies and is sometimes made in a different flavor as a second choice for the guests.

We can make a variety of wedding cakes for your wedding.

Whether you would like if for the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception, we will work with you and provide you with the style you are looking for. Call us today and we can schedule a time to sit down and talk with you. At that time, we can go over your dream cake and all of the flavors and designs that we have to offer.